Jessica Watts (jessicawatts) wrote,
Jessica Watts

A new discovery

I strongly dislike beets. Please, keep them away. I don't want them roasted, nor do I want the pickled. I would much rather not have them at all. Don't turn them into borscht, or hide them in my cake. They are best kept a safe distance away from me. They act all coy with their beautiful purple hue. How can anything with such a gorgeous colour be bad? Oh but they are...

But last summer, the New York Times told me they were one of the best foods, and that I should be eating them. I knew they were healthy. Look at the colours! How can those not be cancer fighting? And a little extra folate is always a good thing. The New York Times also told me to eat them raw, which prompted me to furrow my brow in confusion. Surely you can't eat beats raw! And surely, they would still be just as yucky.

But then I found Clotilde's recipe in the deepest, darkest depths of my Google Reader. A raw beet salad? And then she added that: "If you've never tasted the root of a beet in its raw state, I urge you to give it a try, whether or not you [think you] despise cooked beets, for the two provide very different taste experiences." Well - that's all it took. I was convinced.

I gave it a try, although I was still pretty sure that this would not be a keeper. How could it be? It had beets!

Well, consider me converted. Although let me clarify: I still think cooked beets are one of the worst foods out there and you could not get me within ten feet of them. But I will admit to being open to raw beets. This recipe is in regular rotation in my lunches and makes me happy. I don't eat it because of its stellar nutritional profile (although that could almost be reason enough), but because it tastes good. Really good.

Who knew?

P.S. Keep in mind beets are quite messy to work with - so don't wear your new white blouse. You've been warned.

Recipe - Grated Carrot and
Beet Salad

I used the recipe as is from Clotilde's blog, Chocolate & Zucchini. Please head on over to drool at her gorgeous photos and get the recipe.

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