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My new vegetable friend

This eating seasonally thing isn't half bad. We've had our fair share of delicious Brussels sprouts and cabbage since that post, am I am not complaining. Mussels were on the menu for Valentine's Day and salmon has made a few appearances. The fruit bowl is full of oranges, bananas and kiwis, so no one is complaining and no one is going hungry.

Another benefit is that I've discovered a wonderful new vegetable or two. I'm still working on becoming friendly with parsnips (playing with different cooking techniques, similar to what I did with beets) but what I have struck gold with is the humble celeriac (aka celery root). Sure, it's not the prettiest vegetable in the world - it's a little unwelcoming and rough around the edges, but that's all part of its charm. Oh I had grand plans for this little fellow. He was going to be turned into a celeriac rémoulade, courtesy of Orangette.

And sure enough, it was. However the meal didn't go quite as planned. Apparently, everyone in England, or at least London, watches the same TV show. A few weeks ago, Jamie Oliver had a special on TV where he highlighted the importance of buying British pork. He also demonstrated ways to cook cheaper cuts of pork and in particular, pork shoulder. Back in Montreal, I've had pork shoulder many times in my Dad's delicious pulled pork sandwiches. Pork shoulder, slowly cooked in a mix of spices and barbecue sauce, sat atop a bun with a topping of creamy coleslaw - yum. Seeing the pork shoulder being cooked triggered a bit of homesickness and we knew what needed to be done. T and I would cook the shoulder as a roast on Sunday and have the leftovers on Monday, mixed with a generous dose of barbecue sauce as pulled pork sandwiches. The celeriac rémoulade would be a clever alternative to the coleslaw that traditionally accompanies the sandwiches.

But of course, when we got to our butcher and asked for said pork shoulder he laughed. "You've all been watching the same show! I haven't been able to keep it in stock!" Ah well... A lovely pork loin was good consolation. It made for a terrific Sunday roast. On Monday, we served the celeriac rémoulade with the pork roast leftovers and it stole the show. It was absolutely delicious! I ate the leftovers as part of my lunch for the rest of the week, making T very jealous, with either a generous green salad or as a side with a warming soup. It's really simple and only requires a bit of chopping time. I'll admit I also dipped a finger or two in the dressing (the actual rémoulade) and am dreaming up different uses for it. According to wikipedia it's often served with fish in Denmark which sounds like a fantastic idea.

I'm really glad that I've discovered this new vegetable and will keep my eyes peeled for other ways to prepare it. Any suggestions? And yes, pork shoulder - we'll be back for you!

Housekeeping: You may have noticed the name of the blog has changed. This is all in anticipation of my big move and due to the fact that I'm now a registered dietitian. The site move to my own server is still very much a work in progress, but we'll get there one day!

This time last year... I was making the lemon yogourt cake that graced my kitchen many times, and may make a repeat appearance this weekend.

Recipe - Celeriac Rémoulade
Adapted from Orangette
Serves 4

1 celeriac (roughly 250-300 grams)
6 Tbsp mayonnaise (I used light)
1Tbsp and 1/2 tsp medium-strength Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp low-fat plain yogurt
Lemon juice (optional)
Sugar (optional)

Get out a good, sharp knife. Trim off the celeriac's peel and give it a rinse. Julienne the celeriac (I did this by hand, but feel free to use a food processor if you have such a luxury). This is a little bit time consuming, but it's important to get the celeriac down to thin matchsticks, and a sharp knife should make easy work of it.

In a medium bowl, stir together the mayonnaise, mustard, yogurt, and a pinch of salt. Taste it and adjust the salt. Add the julienned celeriac, and toss. Taste again and add lemon juice/sugar as desired. I added a good splash of lemon juice and omitted the sugar.

Chill before serving (ideally a few hours).
Tags: celeriac, salad, vegetable

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